In today's world renting a selfstorage unit can be a necessary often undesirable lifethreatening factor.

In today's world renting a selfstorage unit can be a necessary often undesirable lifethreatening factor.

Nearly 1 in 10 US households use selfpreservation for various reasons. The most common reasons for using selfreliance are moving home improvement military deployment major change of life marriage divorce new child family death etc. or for business purposes.

PLACE Most people prefer to store their valuables somewhere near where they live or work. This gives a sense of comfort and security knowing that your items are nearby and available. If you do not think you will be able to access your storage device very often it may be less of a factor in your decision. You should also think about how easy it is to get to the storage facility. For example is it away from a highway or a major road or tampered with a highway? Of course you want to make sure that the plant is in a safe clean area where crime is not a problem.

How to choose the right self storage facility

SECURITY Modern selfcontained facilities will have all the basics of security features. These should at least contain a bright welllit property if you need to be there when it's dark a security fence around the entire facility a computerized passwordprotected access gate any kind of closedcircuit television CCTV or video camera monitoring of the facility. After all you expect your valuables to be there when you need them right?

UNIT SIZE You will find that there are a wide range of selfstorage units available today. The smallest units are often 5x5 5 meters wide with 5 meters deep. And they gradually increase up to 10'x30 ' or even larger depending on the facility. This gives you many options when choosing the right size for your needs. If you have not used storage before you may not know what size you need. This is where a knowledgeable property manager will be helpful. Property Manager should be able to recommend device size to you based on the items you plan to store. It's a good idea to have the manager show you the storage device as well. Seeing the space helps you get a better idea of how your things fit into the device that is it's the right size for your needs.

PRICE While the price is really an important consideration when choosing selfhandling it's probably not on the top of the list. It's a fact that people like to pay a little more for a plant as long as it meets a person's needs and has the features important to them. The old saying You get what you pay for is true in self storage as well. Often the cheapest facility is usually not the best. That's probably why it costs less. Maybe it does not have camcorders or a passwordprotected gate and is therefore less secure. It may be that the plant is older and the property is overdue and has not been well maintained. Most people would not feel comfortable to store their valuables in a dirty rundown property. Be careful with a storage facility whose prices are much lower than their competitors. Always visit the facilities you are considering before making your final decision. Be sure to ask about any special prices or promotions that the facility can offer at that time. In today's tough economy discounting is common and selfstorage is no exception.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES Today's selfstorage facilities offer a wide range of additional features and services that can also lead to your decisionmaking process. An important part is climate controlled storage. Climatecontrolled storage protects objects from extreme variations in temperature and humidity. If you store important documents antique furniture paintings or other artwork or advanced electronics you may need a climatecontrolled space. Access hours are something you want to know about. Many facilities allow 27 access allowing you to access your storage device any time you need.

This would be helpful if you work odd hours and may need things outside normal opening hours. How about paying for your storage device? Does the facility allow automatic payment with a credit card? Or better than can you pay online through the company's website? These options give you convenience and make it easy to do business with the storage facility. How will you get your stuff in the storage space? More and more facilities offer free use of their own vans to attract their customers. If a plant does not have its own van they will often hire trucks through other sellers such as UHAUL.

Choosing which storage facility to store your valuables with is not a difficult task. Although there are probably more storage spaces in your area not all self storage is created alike. By using this ride

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